Thursday, May 1, 2014

Say Goodnight, Aquaponics

Free (to grow) at last, free(to grow) at last.

EMCC student conference was fuuuu-uun. It was hands down one of the funnest things I've done this week, and that's not even compared to all the crappy pre-finals stuff going down. Speaking of, what a stressful week. The tiny light keeping the vast darkness at bay is that the aquaponic system is now primed for production. I've been asking around as to what'll happen to it at semester end, but haven't received a straight answer between it being dismantled or expanded: both ends of the spectrum. Perhaps some of you feel the way I do having spent so much time with your project up to now, but it's difficult to let go. Maybe especially so after the conference, where my passion for research was reignited and I have a ton more ideas for collecting data with the aquaponic system. Oh man, last post cry coming up.

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  1. Thanks for everything this semester. Maybe you should keep in touch and keep us posted on your research progress? HINT. Have a GREAT ONE!